Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Three Reasons Why

3 Reasons Why
By: Marisa Lea
Period One

I think the movie The Giver is different but respects the book in many ways. These are the three main reasons why I think that.

One of them is, that even with all their changes they still have all the key aspects to the Giver. Like when they changed their age they still had the ceremony. They still had him slide down the hill even they brought Asher in for a little twist.They may of changed a few memories like bee sting instead of sunburn and wedding instead of Christmas but he got the same reaction, pain and love.  Jonas still tried to give the memory’s away. But too Fiona instead of Asher. Those weren’t super big changes. So, even with a few minor changes they still got all the main points in the movie.

Another reason why I think the movie is different but respects the book they have reasons for all their changes. There not random. There to help us get and understand the movie more. It’s harder to explain everything in a movie than in a book. They respected the book well with the changes in it. They weren’t super drastic. They didn’t change a lot in the plot line. I can’t think of any change that I really thought “wow that changed the movie so much.” I understand it’s hard for a movie to be better than the book and get everything that’s important in there without going on for ever. The Giver movie did a good job at getting important stuff in it and making appropriate changes.

The last reason I think the movie respects the book even if it’s different is because it even if they take thing out of the book they had equally good things into it. They may of taken away a few memories and everything a little bit in the story’s and the rules they added some great things too. They added the Chief Elder, the love thing with Fiona and the meeting with Asher out of the Community.

The movie is different obviously but I can’t say one is better. I think the movie has things that would of been cool in the book and the movie took out a little bit of the book. But all in all I think the movie greatly respects the book. In having all the key aspects, having a reason for the changes and adding good things when they take out good things. And that’s why I think the movie is different but is very respectful to the book.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Landscape of Meomorys

In the short story The Landscape of Memory's it talks about people who have a photographic memory's. People who can remember what the had for lunch on September 8th when they were 6. I think that must be really annoying to have all those memory's inside your brain. I wonder what makes people geneticly have photographic memory's?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Forecast and the Pedestrian

In the Pedestrian  a guy named Leonard Mead who was walking and got picked up by the single police car and taken to a mental health place. I think it's a good and bad think that they have only one police car. Because it's less pressure on people but it can be dangerous because of scary people. I wonder what will happen to him.

In the poem the Forecast. The author is taking about in the future how people can lock the doors and take away their freedom for safety. I think it's a very cool poem. I wonder hat are future will look like.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Confusing End

In chapter 23 Jonas found his last bit of warmth and gave it to Gabe. Then in he found the sled from his first memory and slid down on down it to Elsewhere. I think this was a very interesting and weird way to end the book. I wonder why she chose to the end the book that way?

In Lois Lowery's speech she talked about how she liked her story of the perfect world and got rid of all her fears and put in all the politeness she likes. She also showed some letters that kids wrote to her about there interpretations of the end.  I like that she does it and how she does it. I wonder how many kids wrote to her and how many different ideas they had?

Monday, April 25, 2016


In chapters 21 and 22 Jonas left the Community. He took Gabe along with him and now they're both starving and tired. I'm really happy that Jonas took Gabe with him, he really has feeling now. I wonder if Jonas and Gabe can survive much longer out there.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Plan

In chapter 20 Jonas stayed at the Givers after watching the his father kill the new child. Then the Giver and him started to to think of a plan to get the memory's to everyone. I think it's great that their doing this. I think it's necessary. I wonder if it will succeed.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


In chapter 19 Jonas watched his first release and he was astonished at what. His father killed the baby and sent him down a chute in a box. I was really sad at how they do that. I was kind of expecting something like that though. I wonder id Jonas will take any actions to stop it?